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Popular broadcast media: innovation and development, upgrade the value of broadcast advertising

double whammy in mainstream traditional media and digital new media today, as traditional media broadcasting, in the context of media convergence, with the help of new media to produce new patterns of transmission and dissemination, Internet broadcasting, mobile radio, "micro-radio" and so on, makes the audience more diversified audiovisual content. As the radio listening population increases and increases the quality of radio listening groups, radio momentum of development should not be ignored. Survey data show that global advertising spending grew by 3.1% during the first quarter, growth in radio advertising 7.9%, second only to Internet advertising ranked second increase. In the context of global development of radio advertising, radio advertising grew in the first quarter of 12.9% in China, broadcasts from channels, advertising, marketing, usher in the next stage in its development.

"not home" listening to the new trend of

private cars containing, urban transport networks, supermarket stores, universities, communities, large State-owned enterprises and other outdoor or semi-outdoor space is broadcasting the next battleground. Rapid development of the broadcasting market, is along with the country's transport and road network development, direct target audience is driving private car owners and taxi drivers one by one. Radio to become car owners, taxi driver outside the most influential mass media. Data show that as of June 2011, the total number of private cars in China more than 70 million vehicles, car ownership in Beijing reached 5.02 million, Chongqing, Shanghai, and other cars were more than 3 million cars. This is potentially a huge broadcast audience, and has a private audience are businesses compete with high spending power of the middle-high income class. Broadcasting in the past that only "old tune" the impression fades. Advertising information how to contact these people, has become a problem which radio and advertising company. Broadcast as "fringe media" and showed great vitality.

to touch up more radio groups, radio stations started network broadcasting and mobile broadcasting. Urban media, intense competition, home and Office has been taken over by television and the Internet at the same time, outdoor activities, people, transport, supermarket, shops, public places was likely to be broadcast media, radio is picking up the pace moving crowd audience. A case study of China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting, as the independent research and development of the first domestic-oriented mobile phones, laptop computers and other mobile terminal systems, mainly using s-band signal "heaven and Earth" one cover, national roaming, 25 sets TV and 30 radio programs. To achieve national coverage, effective help to development of mobile broadcasting.

in addition, with the development of the Internet, a growing number of Internet users growing, making broadcasting its angle lock webcasts. At present, the network broadcast from the show's production to transfer to achieve full digitalization and networking. Because of its high signal to noise ratio of the system, not in processing, transport and other sectors contribute to the noise, so you can get better sound quality, or stereo transmission. Rich and professional and innovative contents page to meet the needs of a large number of Internet users, Internet broadcasting has become effective functions complement to traditional broadcasting, in expanding traditional radio listening groups play a very important role.

in addition, the broadcast media still has a huge advantage in the outdoor competition, it could resort to auditory liberation people's eyes, let the audience doing things in the open air at the same time (such as driving and waiting) subtle exposure and impact.

radio advertising forms diversified

after the full force growth following last year's ads, radio ads in the first quarter of this year continued to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, compared with an increase of 39%, still is one of the fastest growing in the traditional media. Among them, the car radio was still broadcasting mainly listening to the channels, a 29% proportion, followed by new way to listen to, a 27% proportion. Mobile listening, the diversity of terminals connected to the Internet to listen to Internet radio or any other means, coupled with relatively low advertising costs, is the main reason radio media advertisers favor. Listen to the diversification exacerbated a variety of radio's pursuit of quality between the different programmes. From the effects of several major elements of program effects, regardless of which mode of listening, audience surveyed agreed that content is key. A show quality determines the quality and price of the media. Media owners if they want to achieve a stable growth, it is necessary to shift from resource-based media to the value of media.

to use new ways to listen to the audience, reception is one of the most important factors affecting their program evaluation. Through the networks and terminals to radio broadcasts, audience to hear the effects of demand will be higher, it is reminding broadcast media focus not only on creating program brand, but also improve their own technical means, optimize the touch and effect of new way to listen to, to see the importance of audience demand media Wizard.

traditional listening audience and new way to listen to the audience like the filtering of information, are more inclined to choose medical health, financial knowledge and gourmet restaurants, led to concern about the contents. As for gender, 62.8% of the female audience of medical health information is particularly concerned, most of them over the age of 35, highly educated, high income; male audiences, their broadcasts to pay greater attention to financial knowledge, 55.3%. 1/3 of the male audience aged 35 to 44 years old, highly educated more than half a month are more than 3000.

broadcast interactive platform diversity, coupled with high frequency using a combination of the Internet and mobile phone text messages, broadcast beginning integration advantages. Earlier radio ads most commercials, and station program is broken, that is what we call "advertisement", and as "advertisement" period is too long, after more than 7, just like TV ads facing advertising due to the risk of loss of turntable.

radio show for advertisers "tailor-made". Integrated communications public relations, promotions and other elements because of radio's immediacy and low cost, is more and more used, such as broadcasting the advantages and characteristics of the most adequate formation shown live, multi-point live broadcast and interview programs, relative to the TV satellite trucks, radio signal broadcast at relatively low cost. Only need several different live broadcast or host, communicate through radio broadcasts real-time multiple-point.

phone SMS of application, Internet Shang of interactive, audience can in these platform Shang real-time published views and comments, vote or expression himself of listening to needs, radio established phone SMS platform, and mobile value-added service business cooperation opened SMS channel, audience to specific of number sent phone SMS, radio of host can in SMS platform Shang see audience sent of SMS, rates select for of content in program in the broadcast, formed has brainstorming, and content rich of interactive, And a program of fixed content has increased a lot of random changes, often witty.

other radio stations can even become information providers, mobile phone users can customize radio stations produce charges broadcast information or audio messages, and then take the form of company profit-sharing and communication for value-added business, broadcast as an important tool in integrated communications.

broadcast media values continue to be discovered, each province also seized macro policies and growing industry environment to improve production and broadcasting management, innovation development ways and ideas, open development model suitable for broadcast advertising in the new era, while improving radio brand, through creative marketing, integrated marketing, green marketing and other marketing strategies enhance the value of broadcast advertising and creativity. Radio is a "big dish", a small number of frequency rate of contribution for the advertising market was scraping. Its huge development space in broadcasting this gradually sight back in traditional media, broadcast advertising value has been recognized by more and more enterprises. How to a game of chess, how in the new media environment allowing the broadcast of "myth" continues? in the Chinese advertising market, "seizing" more market share? was placed in front of each broadcast advertising professionals need to think about the problem.