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Advertising sponsorship box office: box office receipts in China for future growth impetus

in this day and age of social media, the film also has some social significance, and watching TV is family life, computers and mobile phones are the only depends on the content of your own.

Note You can go to the cinema to see what characteristics of the audience, mostly young men and women go to see, this can take up to 70%. 10% about going to the movies is one of the only, people in the film to audiences, go there for film content. Other part of man men, or women with a couple of friends to see, for example, the age of small, a large number of girls with girlfriends to watch, just to see a Korean Idol concert with them. Also is for parents to take their children to watch cartoons, children's films, which can take up to about 10%. This part is also a social factor. That is, one initial market going to films movie, movie theaters after adding a social element, the market suddenly expanded 10 times.

so, we can in the short term the films expanded 10 times?

social factors have come to a head, the North American film market is now stagnant. Young people have a better form of entertainment and social factors can replace the tradition of film entertainment. Then film how to find updated growth mode?


advertiser sponsored, subsidized bundle sale box office, box office receipts in China three years hundreds of billions

box office the next engine of growth might have to rely on an advertiser-sponsored, or tickets to films become carriers of advertising and promotion. Advertisers sponsored films and subsidize fares or even free delivery model, to expand the audience and then 5 to 10 times.

this would first like to thank the online ticketing site, they 50% even 80% market, movie tickets from the geographical restrictions, into a national product. Also allows it to carry more things at once. Movies with popular elements, there are topical, freshness, so brand marketing to customers in their theatre tickets, allow customers to get the benefits customers can also cause spreading. Do both things!

electronic ticket is the best brand of carrying promotions, used it as a prize or a gift to marketing, does not require logistics and warehousing. Previous promotional Prize most is real, there is a question of logistics and delivery. So in dozens of dollars to 100 dollars a small price, and movies than electronic ticket only mobile phone recharge cards and card games.

If in accordance with the normal growth rate, China's total movie box office after three years at around 60 billion at the box office, through brand sponsorships, brand promotions tickets into "hard", through advertising, bundled promotions subsidies films, can make the film market within three years hundreds of billions at the box office. 40 billion left is sponsored by advertising money out of money at the box office, this money in the film industry is a lot of money, but just like playing for the advertising market.

but if ad-funded models, growth, or even 10 times larger than box office now is possible!

future film magazine without advertising no advertising, close to inevitable loss issue itself

a movie after the birth would be very simple. Because of Internet film distribution and marketing of electrical contractor, movie online first half through the online ticketing Web site for sale, even he will pay to move the ticket Web site out of a money and resources to "consume" brush box office billion sale to move the theater manager chip rate, thereby pulling the overall box office.

but the company's own brush box office money is limited, money will have to rely on advertising to. After large encourage bundled with advertising brand marketing will be the standard. Advertisers first implanted, and in the film helped the movie with "consumption" box office, these tickets are then used to give to their users, for example, buy a box of jiaduobao sent a ticket. Not only are big advertisers, electronic ticket can also be decentralised, local small businesses also have a chance. They are residents of some small promotions on the Web platform, buy thousands of tickets sent out in the promotions. For a while. Advertisers sponsored movies will grow exponentially. Believe in the future except more fans outside the custom movie, advertising the film will become the norm, and big-name advertisers shot wide of the first film, film can bring billions of ticketing subsidies.

Similarly, when the advertising sponsor for the movie brings huge advertising subsidies become the norm when no kind of movie, as if there were no ads only make money by circulation of absurd and inevitable losses.

electronic ticket is the best promotional products

What are most suitable for electronic ticket sales industry? Is still the most suitable for the Internet industry.

first of all is the game. Game makers to promote IP, so are the most keen on movies sponsored or even invest on their own films, such as Tencent games of the Kingdom of Locke. Another example is the painted, stand notes like magic masterpiece. Game companies investing outside the film, game card can also be used with movie ticket bundle sale, but the genre for game users only, audience is relatively narrow.

best calls sponsored films. Mobile sponsorship before the Call for Love is a good example, but electronic payments not now so popular that year, otherwise the film there are a variety of ways to play. For example charge 100 calls to send a ticket, so playing across the country, the first billions at the box office, the film may appear.

then the electrical contractor. Now dealers in mad money, an activity which could be tens of millions of level promotion expenses and even hundreds of millions, but has never before promotional mode. For example, 38, during a women's day, and Baidu and Taobao glutinous rice wars, tens of millions of subsidies to the film market, led to women's day holiday period than last year doubled the box office on the same day. Card tricks every year up to all kinds of promotions, theatre tickets are hard currency, is still popular. Theatre tickets at the same time, the film also did publicity, brand promotion, e-commerce platform user activity, it is a win-win situation.

after the film release of Internet, movie distribution becomes the same as hand release, several platform games released, movie ticket sales will become a major battleground, for example, micro-credit, micro-Bo 360 Mobile Assistant, 91, UC, and video sites, fantastic art, for example, launch trailer with tickets linked approach.

here's a case study: e-ticket network promotions in the East brand case platform is East of Beijing, the producers are out of reach, brand is up to old taste of ecological agriculture, through the network of e-tickets electronic film tickets allow users to share and reuse. Users receive not only the reach of movie tickets, and star sign etc, peripheral products, and old ecological food tastes some of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The contact is not available and won a lot of Jingdong viewing users, sponsored by Fonda and old taste get brand exposure on the East, e ticket in which network does not accept advertising, but on the ticket, not only the gross revenue, but can eventually obtain user, realize the win-win of Quartet.

besides the traditional big-name advertisers. Used to be a blockbuster when released, such as Zhang Yimou's hero, advertisers want to film a sum of money, make the film for the brand to make a soft "endorsements", which is much cheaper than a movie star endorsements. And then published in the major media and billboards in movie posters and their own brand of the combined images.

now this form of cooperation was less, because the film's publicity on billboards in less mainstream positions transferred to the Internet. While there is demand for this form of business is also found, to film a higher advertising fee so they catch the movie, starring film and stars give their brand endorsements. Now rather than bundle sale with buy mode at the box office. Low cost, give votes to your users, so that consumers have benefited, two birds with one stone.

in short, movies and movie tickets are a good medium of advertising carried, if more advertisers into the film industry, making good use of online ticketing and sponsorship, the Chinese film market within three years hundreds of billions at the box office.