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3D printing into the campus of Beihang University

3D printing innovation fostering project organizing Committee in China in recent times, 3D printing was held into the Changping campus of Beihang University campus tour.

City Beijing science and technology development limited is responsible for the project will provide the Changping campus of Beihang University students with a two-day DMCube3D printer on-site experience, free trial, machines, training and other activities, Beihang University teachers and students will also provide free after 10 DMCube3D printers and related training and one year of free maintenance service.

according to reports, China 3D printing innovation fostering engineering 3D campus tour by the Organizing Committee to carry out the Central Government about "3D print innovation fostering" spirit, making University research and better 3D printing technology, popular in college students, promotion of 3D printing, and train the 3D printing innovation. By "3D printing in campus" activities, allows students to see, touch, feel and even 3D printing technology.

this year January, by State approved, by original aviation space Department Lin Zongtang Minister advocate of "China 3D print innovation foster engineering" project official started, the project plans in national youth in the sowing 100,000 star 3D print innovation seed, and specifically established China 3D print innovation foster engineering organizing Committee, implement implementation this a technology foster task, let General students awareness to science Xingguo strategy of major meaning.

the 3D printing of campus activities, campus in close proximity, and learn more about the 3D printing technology.