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Caogen PR: China's media environment is changed

two years ago, I participated in various activities as a journalist and communication with peers, more news and content, and recently found, reporters began around "bad duty", more interested in profit. I've repeatedly asked very directly: what's your revenue model?

This is a very important change, it has to communicate to the outside world in the form of a universal anxiety of the current media. The root cause of anxiety, it is everyone knows in his heart, was reluctant to say survival.

wind water plummet in traditional media and new media, let us to an illusion: change only the content of the media form and channel change, as long as technically the times, put up a Web site, the APP will be able to reverse the crisis. Things as they are by no means as simple as that. Traditional media like the new media landscape, but new media's life more difficult! Many new media haven't had time to grow up, has been on the brink of life and death.

why? Because, that's the challenge for the media, not the partial adjustment of the industry, but the entire ecological restructuring and changes! This change will not only affect the media's business model, it also changes the form of news reports, news reports, as well as the role of media industry. So the media is not new to replace the old, but all at the same intersection, how do you choose, no right or wrong answer!

30 years reform and opening up, Chinese public opinion, the commercial system, as well as the public's way of thinking have changed dramatically. This is the most fundamental change, the change affects all. Fundamental drivers of changes in media ecology here, medium and mode of transmission is only the catalyst of innovation. If we clearly recognize this fact, the way how to go below may clear a lot.

at present, the media's real challenge is not technology upgrade and conversion in the survival mode. Because the transformation of mode of thinking on the mass media industry, ecological functioning changed dramatically offset the center of gravity of the entire industry. Core media are no longer only because more influence media survive in the new environment variable.

for example: media influence the size of the core decision are no longer simple and crude coverage, but fans! In other words, how many people hear your voice is not important, important is how much people are willing to follow in your footsteps!

another example: currently, there is access to information is very odd, vertical media news is slowly weakening, and value properties of the boot was greatly enhanced. The geek network will position itself as a cause of opinion leaders here. The future, the core value of media not to report the facts, but to control emotions.

so, looking at the development of media industry in recent years, it is not difficult to find a simple fact: manufacturers know more media, start Media; rigid wide no one voted, media sink PR; annual fee is bad, public relations began to take the platform ... ... Various roles in the industry chain is looking for a new role! These changes may seem prosaic, is actually the lethality is extremely strong, and adversely affected the biggest media! Because these changes are likely to shake the survival value of traditional media!

the age of the Internet, has never been short of top cover and top cover stories, more and more people feel the chill in the air. Old media chain is slowly disintegrating, and new industry is not yet clear. The next few years, a industrial revolution breakout drama will be great with the new and old media, the geek network as an immoderation technology new media, are well prepared to meet all challenges. How does this great drama, and we'll see what happens!