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The huashang newspaper, OK, we invite you to judge

this year is the 19th year of the birth, the huashang newspaper. 19 years, readers of the concern, support and companionship as rain and sunshine, nourishes the huashang newspaper by a seedling grow into towering trees. Big tree, without soil. Reader is fertile soil for this newspaper, only rooted in reader, the huashang newspaper can be grounded, some gas.

in order to run this newspaper, we need to listen to the voice of readers. When you're clapping applause for good news, please tell us the reason for, and that is encouraging for us when you piece of news when the sighing, could you tell the problems found, and that is our challenge. In order to better communicate with you, we will hire you when Reader comments on newspaper huashang.

If employed for the China business daily Reader comments on newspaper, in December, after you finish reading the newspaper every day, simply login to China daily comments on the website before the 3 o'clock in the afternoon (computer or mobile phone) tells us: what attracts you the most; what you are still not satisfied, you have any ideas or suggestions ... ... In order to thank you for your care and dedication, Yuet Wah business news will give you the gift value of 300 yuan.

prerequisite: the huashang newspaper subscribers in XI ' an, aged 20-55 years, continue reading daily for one year or more. Only 1 person per family to participate. (Authentic information, receive gifts, you need ID card holders)

If you like, the huashang daily, please pick up the phone and sign up now!

application period: November 25-27th, at 9 o'clock, 14 o'clock ~18 when ~12