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Louvre furnishings won two awards-award for brand excellence Louvre home listed "China top 500 most influential brands"

On November 24, 2014 Asian brands Forum of China Award for brand Excellence Awards ceremony was held in Shenzhen. SHUNDE Louvre furnishings Group Award, was awarded "China top 500 most influential brands" and "China (trade) ten benchmark brands" are two major awards.
hosted "China brand Oscar Award" reputation of "China excellence brand cloud list", is by China authority mainstream media launched hosted, established annual integrated Award (China most with influence brand 500 strong), and annual special award, and annual industry brand Award and annual brand characters award four class, adhering to international review standard, used public vote, and media publicity and experts review of way, through and national the field, and across area, and across media of cooperation platform, to more detailed, and more professional, and More authoritative results, selection and presentation of national consumer's most influential annual award for brand excellence, enhance brand awareness and brand value!
China most with influence brand 500 strong list is based on Enterprise brand financial performance analysis and consumers behavior analysis, integrated enterprise declared, and statistics data, and market survey, and consumers feedback and authority experts comments, on brand growth potential, and brand market marketing force, and brand technology innovation force, and brand quality capacity, and brand profit capacity, five big capacity index and brand visibility, and brand reputation degrees, and brand cognitive degrees, and brand loyalty degrees, and brand sold degrees, five big dimension degrees index, according to China brand competitiveness index ( CBCPI) to evaluate the system, science reflects objective of China's brand development and brand influence. Over the publication of the report on analysis of top 500 most influential brands in China, revealing the brand of China's clout in the industry, for the Chinese business community, academia, the implementation of brand strategy and brand research to provide a benchmark case reference for domestic and international mainstream media news and banks, investment banks and other financial institutions provides an important reference.
brand is one of the intangible asset, it is the soul of an enterprise's survival and development. "Louvre furnishings Group brand director Li Ling said that for 15 years, the Louvre dedicated practice, solid practice skills to service the image, brand integrity legislation, develop into home furnishing industry benchmarking enterprises in China. According to reports, construction area of 200,000 square meters of the Louvre has been stationed in more than more than 2000 first-tier household brands at home and abroad, become truly global furniture distribution and brand headquarters, "Chinese furniture to the world, world of furniture into China" built a good circulation platform. Attract merchants from 105 countries around the world more than 1.8 million visitors came to visit the procurement, including consular representatives, foreign dignitaries, business group, and Louvre are "United Nations world furniture" reputation.
in 2010, the Louvre investment of 1.6 billion yuan to build 43 meters high, with a 160,000-square-meter Louvre international furnishings headquarters building, leading the domestic industry from "made in China" to "created in China". The building contains the original commercial centre, the food court also has a 7500 square meters of the world, the world Home Collections Home experience, Sofitel Hotel, Foshan cultural amenities such as eye of the tourist floor. "Culture is the core values of the brand, brand value to make the brand more linkage to customer emotions go too far. "Li Ling said the Louvre always attaches great importance to the cultural connotation of the brand, in March of this year is to start the Louvre Auditorium program, invited famous celebrities to the Louvre opened the altar preaching, rich cultural feast for the general public.
"the Louvre will strive to become the world's top home shopping paradise. "Li Ling said the shopping experience is unique in the Louvre, in the Louvre's services have no second home, access to two brands award is an affirmation of the Louvre hard, is coming from the general consumer to the Louvre's love and support.