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China Mobile Internet survey: shopping-related advertising higher response rates

recently, the National Institute of advertising in 2014 the Chinese-American published its mobile Internet survey report noted that both countries have entered the era of mobile terminals, smart phones, tablet computers have now accounted for most of the urban population lives.

China is Internet capacity maximum of national, mobile advertising market rich, and growth space huge, mobile Internet user accounted for netizens total of 83.4%; and United States is world netizens share highest of national, innovation capacity strong market relative specification, netizens compared mature, national advertising Institute Dean Ding junjie Professor introduced, in survey in the displayed two user in intelligent Terminal Shang of advertising interactive frequency are compared high, and China user on advertising response more active.

"both mobile terminal users, more than half of rendering higher frequencies, Chinese consumers are 79% for mobile advertising response rates are very high, United States the figure is 56%, both of mobile advertising response rates are very positive, but Chinese users respond to mobile ads is more positive. "

Ding junjie said, among the many ads in mobile terminal and shopping-related advertising in China by the user the highest response rate.

"shopping-related advertising in China are subject to the highest of ECHO, effects on consumers of the mobile terminal in China's response is extremely high. Followed by funny ads, there is a user's favorite brand of advertising, actually surveys, brand advertising in the mobile terminal is a very high degree of attention from mobile users, came in third. "The

report points out that current state of China's mobile Internet usage is a new challenge for advertisers, to be eye-catching in the mobile Internet age, also need to make changes in the characteristics of mobile Internet. Ding junjie says: "mobile advertising content, entertainment, video advertising length should be short, focused on creativity. Users prefer advertising associated with the daily life in China, according to the audience of local conditions. Has unique features in the Chinese market and the freedom of own practices in interactive advertising forms on top of that, strengthening cooperation with social media, meet the needs of users to share. "The

report also shows, both in terms of mobile Internet usage, there are still some differences, for example, than the United States users, Chinese users are more accustomed to using mobile Internet on public transport; intelligent life and behavior patterns of the end users in China has a greater impact, and so on.

the report was funded by the National Institute of advertising marketing laboratory and the United States carried out jointly by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Experts say on Sino-US these two typical markets, this research not only helps China and consumer behavior and advertising, can also help predict other countries and regions, mobile advertising trends and direction.

as can be seen from the above report, China and the rapid development of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet advertisements is also related to the development.