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Yu De: who moved "juvenile" NIKO copyright cheese?

times variable has, network copyright protection moment into has cusp Shang of topic, recently a article name for juvenile not bully of articles in news list Shang constantly brush screen, on even 19 age of juvenile are know hand legal weapons to maintenance himself of copyright interests has, event for of leads excellent cool, and Mo Mo also have sent statement said is made processing, what this pen advertising "plagiarism" case, who will for last pay.

end, we can't be sure yet; for the explanation of the events is different, the authors here are only a few key messages that appear in from the event to talk about some of his views.

"youth" is not bullied, who's the boss?

late last year, the national copyright Bureau of broadcast companies constitute piracy fact out of the 250,000 tickets, and ordered "fast play" to stop the infringing act. After 4 months, advertisements announced that it would close qvod server, announcing "fast play" era in its history, also warned fellow, piracy has come to a head on this road.

Similarly, recent shooter network, all film and television are shut, although some netizens all outgoing video server has been moved to foreign countries, or will in the future open, but not open around copyright issues will eventually affect their future development.

in recent years, the National Copyright Administration has been consistently against online piracy special "net" action on the recent China Forum on copyright, Administration (NCA), said Yan Xiaohong, Deputy Director of the central network of high demand. Several cases above for video copyright infringing party for enterprise, infringers are users, in effect on the scale are more likely to be thought of, and serve as typical action.

but in the literature on copyright infringed are ordinary Internet users, costs high, platform users a small road to seriously hamper the rights of many creators, that the infringement of such networks are not uncommon in the industry.

is also based on the State's tightening of copyright policy, as well as ordinary Web users infringed popularity has propelled the "juvenile cannot be bullied," the early development of the event, in fact, an event involving several protagonists are also important drivers of hot.

Vignette: youku

video website as one of the few publicly listed, YouTube has always been the image of big brother, brand reputation, while proceedings were also video copyright problems experienced, but also didn't like this much-maligned. What are the reasons?

lead II: theology, theology

an upcoming mobile social networking company, despite early promotions and use more features to be poking fun at "about gun artifact", but it could not prevent its access to capital markets development.

lead III: NIKO

NIKO, author of the juvenile is not bullying the pictures on my blog about how copyright is "stealing" the whole process and after fruitless negotiations with the infringing party recording file.

Although the first two topics for the industry leader, but NIKO's blog alone can cause such an uproar, inevitably makes people feel a little strange. Careful readers also found that "adolescents" NIKO said he was a 19 year old ordinary teenager, gave onlookers a sense of which of the big bullying the small, captures the psychological factor of people's sympathy for the weak, successfully put the event on the topic.

the feelings of the Chinese people since ancient times, sympathetic to the weak, and events in the "juvenile" hit people that compassion in the heart, become the biggest driver of rapid development.

behind the topic some people laugh and people cry

NIKO article no less than a day, youku and theology, theology, have released a statement, said it was investigating the matter and will make a deal as soon as possible. As of press time, youku microblogging Twitter sent a formal response on the matter, even in the context of the law is not yet recognized as violations, but for protection and respect for the original, publicly apologized and removed the video, education of the employees concerned.

Although YouTube has made "concessions", a public apology, but recalling events about different attitudes and responses from the three parties concerned, we can also consider the merits and demerits of event relationships.

YouTube: Fame and fortune all loss

as advertising production and broadcasting platform, for this incident, youku to escape again, cooperation of money or will come to do not say, YouTube incident response with that tape is a must for many support YouTube video viewers by surprise.

after the incident, youku identifying original foreign video trying to hide its NIKO creative commercial, and in the latest Tweets of apology also referred to the original video of the United States 12 year old girl homemade balloon put Hello Kitty on space as a reference movie, hide, giving its own brand image with black.

Mo Mo: Fame and fortune

on this matter, not to say Mo Mo as a party does not have to assume responsibility for cooperation, but called for the first time responded: "for the first time follow up information, at present, we have asked YouTube launched a special investigation. Support original and respect for copyright is the premise and basis of theology, theology, business cooperation, we will continue to monitor this matter until a proper solution. "

" requirements ", and" concern ", words clear surface clear Mo Mo of identity position, also smooth let its out has this thing of negative opinion criticized, not only so, on this thing media of constantly reported and opinion to scramble to hot on the instead makes this paragraph advertising tablets of spread effect far Super expected, also can take advertising Xia frame will promotion cooperation costs down to minimum, considered is fame.

"juvenile" NIKO:

comparative theology, theology and exultation of youku, the real protagonists of the event although NIKO can take this fame, solidarity with many spectators for a short time, but could not escape the "finalizing" topic of the fate of the characters.

from the profit perspective, NIKO's other works such as the balloons get giants such as bear children to "infringement" and a gun and red in the future remains to be seen, let alone talk about more profit.

Networking hot spot makes people pay more attention to the new dynamics for the development of the industry, copyright protection normalizing trend has also been gradually take place, behind the tradeoffs I just read me his opinion.