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Newspaper issue, but should influence

do newspaper people meet can't help but talk about his newspaper's circulation, circulation growth will certainly feel the face, complacency; or it will feel a little shame, look awkward. In fact, in today's "business newspaper" era, the newspaper issue needs intensive cultivation, scientific distribution, in addition to more effective circulation, circulation and coverage. In other words, newspaper publishers to achieve their market value, which can bring more advertising resources can maximize brand influence of the newspaper. Scientific allocation of newspapers to one-sided pursuit of meaning than the extensive circulation.

increased influence increases, newspapers began to transition

now advertisers want newspapers will no longer be "sprinkled black pepper", but rather "point to point" issue, find the right targeted regions and groups. Now measure the quality standard is issued effective circulation depends on the issue whether the area is reasonable, scientific, can enhance the newspaper impact.

1. increase newspaper circulation rate

difference between newspapers effective issue with invalid key issue, is whether newspaper readers in reading, reading stories and read the ad information, buying ads and consciously transmitted by commodity. Improve the effective distribution of the newspaper, it is necessary to increase the circulation of newspapers in circulation rate, newspaper circulation rate, the higher the influence of newspapers and advertising effect would be better.

in May 2013, the peninsula metropolis daily launched the "hotels for free ' peninsula '" campaign, more than a day to the city more than 200 free at the hotel the day of the newspaper, guests as long as the stay at the hotel you can see fresh news of the day. Issue of nearly 100,000 yuan investment rate of return is the circulation of the newspaper and influence. Meanwhile, the peninsula metropolis daily also took aim at the hospitals, office buildings, as well as high speed rail, aviation and other valid distribution area.

2. increased high-end readers in

many newspapers and repositioning out of second-tier cities, began to make "effect of influential people" can be seen influence of important significance for the development of the press. "Influential people" to guide public opinion, or influencing the media business and revenue.

on the high-speed launch, many metropolis can arrange a day in the waiting room and distribute the day's newspaper on the train, and also worked with the airlines, on the plane for free. Newspapers directly to passengers, allow newspapers to effectively cover readers who are a high level of literacy, strong consumption and pay attention to the quality of life "Golden audience" newspaper public opinion influence in play at the same time, maximize the newspaper's brand, which brings more newspaper advertising source.

3. increase the effective issuance, invalid control issue

printing is not equal to the circulation of this newspaper, have been as scrap paper into circulation, or the withdrawal rate is too high, that is typical of an invalid distribution. In addition to circulation, but also depends on the distribution area is reasonable, scientific, issue groups does have "gold content", and the proportion of subscription and retail at their own expense, the key to reading a newspaper advertisement and content of information can work for readers, reader knowledge and purchasing power and, ultimately, newspaper advertising "resale".

at present, in luxury hotels, residential and office buildings, as well as urban areas with dense population and commercial development, our subscription gifts are mainly groundnut oil and rice, and gifts in other areas is less expensive washing materials. Policy on retail promotion in newspapers, focusing on effective distribution area.

since April this year, the peninsula metropolis daily and the City Journal has introduced the community newspapers, the peninsula metropolis daily into streets, the City Journal working with residential property, major market development potential of the community. From the point of view is to pay attention to precise positioning, reported news of the selection, only the selected area readers, improve the effectiveness of issue, not invalid issues.

4. innovation model to attract young readers

, the Nanjing morning post daily circulation of about 300,000, but April 27, 2012 sales, printed 100,000 copies sold, it is not enough, 7 cents a newspaper was continued speculation by newsstands, highest selling 5 market share and advertising is usually four or five times of the day. The newspaper introduced short films on the day of the non-do not disturb in the morning, turn the newspaper readers on request, wonderful movie clips will appear in front of you.

at present, many newspapers are actively full media transformation, QR code, network, video, and other elements, elements to new media newspapers, newspaper "made up". Meanwhile, development in practice from the newspaper industry, the digital edition of the newspaper readers are on the rise, and newspaper Web sites are also becoming more popular, many newspapers also subscribe through the network and launched the University to attract young readers.

depends on day of issue for dinner, to distinguish between growth media or a mature media

newspaper sales are divided into distribution and advertising, they affect each other, issued by the quantitative and qualitative impact on advertising revenues, newspapers also depends on advertising. If in the case of poor advertising revenue to increase circulation, is tantamount to self-destruction.

1. release depends on "day" eat, depends on the advertising situation

normally, the profit is based on the circulation of newspapers is cost, with advertising revenues derived from the compensation. For the newspaper, issued also depends on "day" eat, depends on advertising, to coordinate the relationship between distribution and advertising, under actual operating conditions to determine the appropriate advertising market changes, such as a newspaper circulation.

in 2008 the newspaper market, for example, a number of newspapers expands, and additional issuance, there was nothing but propaganda needs, most central is the Olympic business opportunities, advertising source, naturally, need to boost circulation. 2012 ad situation is unclear, real estate, automotive and other industries the decline in advertising revenue, if in this case improving circulation, issued is invalid, affect the newspaper's profit.

2. issued to distinguish between growth media and the mature media, former rallied which should be stable

in a newspaper when it was first founded, issue of particular importance is often "issue first, ad" newspapers vying for market, even at the free newspaper delivery, then development advertiser. This time proportional to the number of newspaper circulation and advertising, circulation, the greater, more people who know and read the newspaper, ads better, bigger advertising volume.

but when the newspaper has entered a mature stage, the most needed was promoted from quantity to quality, indicators of circulation is certainly an important consideration, but brand impact cannot be ignored. Where running? what crowd-oriented running? how to put on the best effect? apart from newspaper circulation, many advertisers and people began to study the target area, target audience, so that newspapers and advertising has a high degree of consistency. So advertisers can more advertising would be better.

for the peninsula metropolis daily of mature media properties, we have put forward in the business development on the "direct investment" concept, as well as database marketing, delivering ads, by category according to customer needs, meet customer's individual needs.