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CCTV ad tender goat Gala will be held to continue without ads

CCTV 2015 advertising tenders will be officially opened today, and understanding the bidding will be different is that the CCTV bid very low key.

on November 15 this year, CCTV new site held a media briefing for the first time, announces 2014 program year blockbuster shows. It is learnt that the bite of China in 2015 will be working on in the third quarter, aired at the end of next year at the earliest.

according to CCTV data revealed that the first half of 2014, CCTV 16 open channel's overall audience share for the 31.52%, one-third of the TV market is almost twice times the overall share of 32 provincial TV. First half of 2014, the news broadcast by the 11.06% ratings, has become an annual auction of "beloved". The informal meeting of APEC leaders on November 10 by welcome dinner and performances ratings highest minutes of the night 7.24%.

this year through the Spring Festival evening program, I assumed for the Spring Festival evening Gala on conveying dance, acrobatics, songs and other programming tasks. Reporter learned yesterday, program selection is underway, finals will be held in January next year. He Haiming said goat Gala content will continue to be no advertising, new media and interactive with the audience.

from the 2015 advertising auction can be seen on CCTV, CCTV for ad operations policies seemed to have a new change.

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