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70 touch teaching one Whiteboard |

70 touch teaching one Whiteboard |

Interactive electronic whiteboard interactive teaching methods:
along with the further deepening of teaching reform, the electronic Tabula Rasa product has attracted the attention the education market, in particular the interactive whiteboard products, market demand continues to grow. On the interactive whiteboard in the classroom has become the global development trend of multimedia teaching activities, interactive whiteboard to achieve best teaching effect.
interactive electronic whiteboard full match short projection multimedia teaching system, when used with the interactive whiteboard more convenient, due to the projector's ultra short-focus projector installed closer to the Whiteboard, during use, the user does not block the projection light path, make a more complete, more smoothly.
interactive whiteboard can be used with the computer for information communication, electronic whiteboard connected to a computer and projector will be projected onto the Whiteboard content on a computer screen, with the support of specialized applications, you could construct a large-screen, interactive collaborative sessions or learning environment. Can operate directly on the Whiteboard, file editing, annotation, saved on your computer you can achieve anything.
interactive electronic whiteboard of teaching platform (main including computer, and projector, and interactive electronic whiteboard), compared Blackboard and the audio-visual platform two species teaching way, take its essence (Blackboard of interactive sex and the audio-visual of rich sex), to its dross (Blackboard of monotone sex and the audio-visual of one-way sex), from essentially solution has past teaching mode in the exists of problem and insufficient, real achieved has "taught and learn of interactive", achieved has high quality, and efficient of teaching mode.

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