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65-inch interactive teaching machine

65-inch interactive teaching machine

Programme advantages
handwriting smart touch is the inevitable trend of teaching equipment of multimedia classroom, create joint technology for its smart touch deep in the area of technology and rich experience in education industry has provided us with the best solution for a domestic advanced.

practical convenient and practical solution for creating high-efficiency is combined with intelligent multimedia classroom core design concepts. Only simple, practical and effective in order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The programme less construction, short construction period. Integrated Intelligent touch system and Bluetooth wireless digital sound reinforcement systems, does not require rewiring, without destroying the original room pattern.
co-intelligent multimedia classroom's smart touch, multiple integrated design has a very high stability and reliability.
/> compared with conventional multimedia classrooms programme, intelligent touch system and Bluetooth wireless digital sound reinforcement system in terms of access and control of the system fully embodies the progressiveness of the system as a whole.
network application is an inevitable trend of modern educational technology application, whether multimedia classroom and campus network compatible, can be called an outdoor scalability of multimedia classroom teaching resource is to investigate primary standards. Joint solution uses intelligent multimedia classroom in hot-swap ultra thin notebook and drawer box, containing a network control function, easy to upgrade, offers infinite possibilities for future application development.

, teachers can use the handwriting handwritten convenience making handwritten text and graphics blend of courseware, this input mode consistent with the teacher's writing habits, greatly reduce preparation time.