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55-inch interactive touch one machine

55-inch interactive touch one machine

A, and products characteristics:
light rate:100%  not weakened child display of brightness, also not produced any of fuzzy and Parallax
touch resolution: touch precision up to 4096 x 4096
scan rate: 50 scans/s
minimum touch body: 5mm, can with diameter is greater than 5mm of any real not transparency touch (including finger/pen)
response speed: is less than 16ms  touch no delay , Response sensitive
durability: is greater than bear over 60,000,000 times above of single points touch
uprising sex: using tempered glass Shi, diameter for 63.5mm (quality 1040g) surface smooth of steel ball, 1M height free falls, sample not broken
all control in screen surface completed
click touch screen, control all application
easily achieved handwriting text, drawing, raises, function
Operating temperatures up to-40 degrees to 70 degrees
are easy to install, simply use the serial communications cable RS-232 serial port or USB connection, support Plug and play
stability, touch-free drift
prolonged use will not affect the accuracy
touch the touch completely closed, Setup is complete without daily maintenance