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Wall Mount LCD advertising player |26 wall network advertising

Wall Mount LCD advertising player |26 wall network advertising

26-inch wall mount online advertising machine
mode     power on power on automatically loop support scheduled power on/off  
timing playing     7 days a week, free to set programmes broadcast every day  
log file     log playing time (to the second), programme  < BR/> power failure memory     advertising again will continue automatically after a power failure, do not need to play
split-screen play from scratch     support cross-screen, vertical screen, full screen and split-screen play, support the combination of pictures, video and other media content (publishing system back)
Calendar      year/month/week/day/hour/minute/second , Displays the angle switches to display  
right     ad-supported
the left corner of the screen displays its logo icon water titles     supports scrolling marquee in Chinese and English, multiple subtitle display
stand-alone feature     support network or network failure cases, u-broadcast content can be achieved, similar to standalone advertising machine Released
program     remote support the background release, change, increase advertising content. Intelligent program row sowing grouping system is easy to operate and quick
updating     backend publishing system support group update file list and playback controls
remote control     remote monitoring terminal advertising machine working condition (such as timer, screen, access Terminal information, restart the Terminal, etc)