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Product catalog

32 inch LCD advertising player

32 inch LCD advertising player

36 inch LCD advertising machine products function
★ support cross screen vertical screen play, support 180 degrees rotating function
★ boot automatically cycle play
★ support breakpoint memory function
★ advertising spots function
★ support timing switch machine function
★ support Super big BMP hanging angle icon displayed function
★ support HDMI\VGA\AV entered function (can matching)
★ Support super long water subtitles displayed function (special requirements can selected transparent background subtitles)
★ support file directly in this machine Shang copies and delete of function, support USB file update function
★ automatically generated play water log file record function (easy advertising customer query records) without any manual operation
★ time-sharing volume, different of period, can set different of volume
★ highest support 1080P (resolution for 1920*1080 ) HD display progressive scan and interlaced HD display (which is 1080I resolution 1920*1080)
★ USB playback support, support hot-pluggable, content updates fast and easy