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Brand image
Branding is the use of marketing tools to build brand image. Good brand, is the excellent brand image. Strict says, brand image to create a three-way mode, this mode is the "integrated marketing" mode, three ways are imported "brand identity" and "brand operating system" and "brand management and control system." Just follow this model, brands will be able to set up. However, using this model will be a larger brand engineering, localization, we can also use some specific ways, that's what some of the necessary content brand.
How to establish the quality image image quality is the Foundation of brand image. Build quality is not as simple as just improving the quality of the product, the key is to establish a "good quality" impression. To do this from the start, this is very important. Good first impressions are half the battle. In addition, many product areas in need of improvement, and where we want to start? Keep in mind that must first be able to "look good" place to start. Quality images not only in the "good" level, to do "look good" to do so. So, quality image should be "visible, tangible and susceptible to be" improvements to meet brand requirements.
2, how to build price image
our prices of common products the level of retail prices to describe its image, that high prices are good, low price is a bad image, this is unfair. It should be said that price is a relative term. Compared to similar products, we have the difference between high and low. Lack of "looking good" when setting high prices would harm the image of the brand, the consumer will ask "why". But when the image quality of the products, to provide low prices would harm the image of the brand, the consumer will ask "why". So we believe that the image quality and price image and brand image Foundation. Those cost pricing is too conservative, too emotional to profit pricing, so the "quality/price" and "brand/price" pricing models are more in line with some of the need to build brand image.
3 image
complete sales, how to build pathways pathways is marketing and terminal market. Marketing refers to wholesale sales, marketing refers to the retail Terminal. Pathways image must be built on the basis of retailers, that is, the pathway of the retailer's image is our image. In the 1960 of the 20th century, the "Sony" TV enter the United States market when, at first in the consignment store sales, United States consumers called "Yakuza" products. Sony later realized that this was a mistake, following greater efforts to recover from the consignment store products, and finally brought to the famous maxilier on the shelves of department stores, so consumers have to buy. "Sony" brand from that moment began to prosper.
/>4, how to create ads image marketing advertising, advertising may not necessarily be ready to market. Sell product advertising, but advertising is not necessarily to sell his product. The reason causing this embarrassing results, in many cases because of the bad image caused. We want to create advertising images, the enterprise has two control factors and an uncontrollable factor. Controllable factors: one is the selected advertising media, advertising is the second large investment. Factors beyond their control: is advertising quality, including levels of creativity and production. In short, the advertising image needs "two big high", that is "media, the large investment, high level." Great media, great image; big, strong image; high levels of image would be nice. It's just this simple.
sales promotion, how to set up promotional image is a very effective marketing tool. But it's also a double-edged sword, get hurt itself. As the process of brand building, frequently needs some marketing tips, brand managers must carefully consider what promotional methods have the potential to damage the brand image. I think "sale" is a kind of clear damage to brand image promotions. Of course, "big sale" would be tantamount to putting brand in the mud. As long as we have a look, you can easily find, usually those with "price"-related promotions would be bad for brand building. But some things are extreme, "gave one back price" can sometimes cause a wave of revolution in the market. Market to refresh, you can queue up again. Brand visibility and consumer awareness will also have an unexpected promotion. In March 1996 China's CHANGHONG color television prices 18% as is the case, when its market share rose 13.5%.
6, how to build image
in in the 1970 of the 20th century there is a very important marketing theory was born, it is Americans Ries and trout "positioning". Since then, the product is no longer for the public service, but for some people. People in this part of producing a specific "customer image". You can think about "Mercedes-Benz" cars are what people wear "Nike" shoes, what kind of, who would often drink "maotai" wine. Yes, brand manager for these services should be a matter of brand. But to do that, I think the most effective way is to use the price lever. If we want to attract the majority of businesses, lowering price threshold. If we are to protect the interests of minority, is setting the price barrier. Price will naturally separated from the crowd. Customer image from his own spending levels.
7, how to establish a corporate image
brand is part of a market. Brand image and corporate image are closely linked. Establish a corporate image, available from "the building construction of tangible and intangible" to start. The former refers to imported corporate identity system (CIS), which refers to the construction of enterprise culture. But these are the internal build. Establish a corporate image, the key is that the more media coverage. Of course, these media must be business-friendly. If lack of media support and dissemination of enterprise's image cannot be transformed into market image. Corporate image to be recognized by the market and the community after all.